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News Americas, HAVANA, Cuba, Fri. May 25, 2018: Fear has lingered on among Cuban people after the deadly plane crash took place in Havana last Friday.

The crashed Boeing 737 was owned by Mexican company Damojh and leased by Cubana, which is run by the Cuban government as the leading airlines in Cuba.

In one of the two ticket offices of the airlines in Havana, a group of passengers gathered in front of the doorway on Wednesday morning. Some of them were there for ticket refunds, as their flights were canceled, while the others were inquiring about domestic flights.

Many were hesitant about traveling by air because of the crash, and Yolanda is one of them. She was waiting to get a refund for her ticket bound for Holguin City scheduled for last Thursday. She said despite the narrow escape, she could not get over the scare of the accident.

“I was to fly to Holguin on May 17 but canceled the trip due to some unexpected emergency. Then I considered to reschedule my flight to May 18, which happened to be the crashed one, but I gave up the idea because I didn’t want to travel that day. Now I don’t want to travel by air any more. It’s too dangerous,” she said.

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Flight information between Havana and Holguin is still available on the official website of the Aviation of Cuba. Its staff said the plane crash does not affect the company’s domestic flights, which are operated as usual, and the cancellation or delay of some flights are only normal variations.

Mexico has suspended all the business operation of Damojh and initiated a special investigation into the air worthiness certification of all the aircraft of the company, according to a statement issued on Monday by the Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

The death toll of the crash has climbed to 111 as one of the three survivors was dead on Monday. The remaining two survivors are still in critical conditions. (SOURCE: CCTV)

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