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By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Tues. July 13, 2021: An autopsy on the body of murdered Haitian President, Jovenel Moïse, has been completed.

Haiti’s Le Nouvelliste paper quoted Mathias Pierre, the minister responsible for electoral matters and relations with political parties in Haiti, as confirming the completion of the autopsy Monday.

The paper reported that the autopsy report shows the president’s left eye was gouged out while there are 12 holes on his body, including in the rib cage, the lower abdomen and his left femur. A photo of his skull shows a fracture between the frontal bone and the parietal bone, Le Nouvelliste reported.  

The autopsy comes as acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph took the first steps to Moïse’s funeral by creating a committee responsible for organizing a national funeral of the President “with the respect, solemnity and dignity attached to his rank as Head of State.”

The committee is made up of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Religious Affairs, the Minister of Culture and Communication, the Minister of the Interior and Territorial Communities, the Minister Defense, the Director of the President’s Cabinet, the Secretary General of the Presidency and the Director General of the Haitian National Pantheon Museum (MUPANAH).

President Moïse was assassinated on July 7th in the bedroom of his private residence despite heavy security. His wife, Marline Moïse, was also shot and is being treated in a South Florida Hospital.

A graphic photo that purports to show the body of the slain President of Haiti on social media actually shows Haitian attorney Monferrier Dorval, who was killed just outside his home on August 28, 2020.

Meanwhile, former senator and Senate President Youri Latortue and former senator Steven Benoit were questioned yesterday in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Prosecutors have asked senior political figures like Latortue to meet with officials for questioning as part of the investigation into the assassination of Moise.

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