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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Jan. 5, 2023: A Caribbean immigrant radio host on New York’s 93.5FM radio was recently honored by a Jamaica Diaspora organization for “media excellence and partnership.”

Jamaican born Clement ‘Ras Clem’ Hume, host of Groovin Radio, 93.5FM, NY and co-producer of North America’s premier reggae and R&B festival, ‘Groovin In The Park,’ was recently honored by the Jamaica Diaspora Northeast USA. The announcement was made by Dr Karen Dunkley, Chairperson of the Jamaica Diaspora Northeast USA Think Tank.

“I take pride in issuing this recognition and could only have successfully done the work mandated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and my constituents with the unwavering support of the awardee,” Dunkley shared.

Reacting to the honor, Ras Clem as he is known said: “It’s a good feeling to be recognized by the Global Diaspora Northeast Council as part of Jamaica’s sixth year of nationhood. Anytime you are cited for the work you do it’s special.”

Hume shared that he got involved with radio to provide the community with valuable information.

“Groovin Radio has made a big difference with the positive music we present and the top-quality information of our well-informed guests each week,” said Hume. “We have covered so many big stories in 2022, from the Covid-19 pandemic; the midterm election here in the USA & the ongoing January 6 probe; corruption and crime and violence in Jamaica; education and so much more.”

A few years ago the outspoken radio host challenged his peers in New York to produce better Caribbean programs that will engage listeners.

“Radio is in desperate need to be more engaging,”  he opined. “We need to present better information to listeners. It is time to go back to basics and control the narrative and share everything good about our culture and music. A lot can be done but it starts with better programming. We have to care more about what we do and have more respect for the people we serve.” 

The NY radio host, who migrated to the US from Kingston in the 1980s has always had a passion for music and politics. In 2011 he partnered with Chris Roberts, CEO of the ‘Groovin’ In The Park Concert,’ to launch Groovin’ Radio, WVIP,  93.5FM. Asked about the most memorable interview he has done, the award winning radio host reflected on an interview he did with Glen Christian, founder and chairman of Cari-Med Group Of companies.

“I have done so many big ones but I would have to say interviewing Dr Glenford ‘Glen’ Christian, OJ, OD, JP., was important because of his rags to rich story,” reminisced Hume. “This proves you can come from nothing and be whatever you want to be in life. He rose from a little country boy selling in the market to becoming one of the most powerful business entrepreneurs in the Caribbean…This was an amazing story!.”

Speaking about things on his bucket list, the radio host confidently said: “I think big – Order Of Jamaica and getting an interview with Barack Obama. The sky’s the limit.”

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