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News Americas, GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Weds. July 11,2023: Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary feat achieved by the Caribbean Heart Institute (CHI) and its exceptional team led by renowned CEO and Guyanese-born heart surgeon, Dr. Gary Stephens. In a groundbreaking medical triumph, the CHI conducted the first-ever open-heart surgery of its kind in the country, utilizing innovative cow tissue to reconstruct a patient’s ailing heart.

The life-saving operation, performed on the brave 24-year-old Guyanese national, Dexter George, involved the complete removal of a cardiac tumor and partial removal of the right atrium, followed by an ingenious reconstruction using bovine pericardium — tissue derived from a cow’s heart.

Dr. Stephens, a visionary in the field, shattered the boundaries of conventional wisdom about the heart’s resilience with this procedure. It showcased the extraordinary ability to remove substantial portions of the heart with overwhelmingly positive outcomes, defying all expectations. This monumental achievement has opened doors to more audacious approaches, propelling medical boundaries to uncharted territories.

George’s heart-wrenching journey began earlier this year when a seemingly innocent lesion in his right atrium swiftly transformed into a colossal tumor within a mere nine months. The tumor wreaked havoc on his heart’s functionality, drastically impairing his daily life. Facing the dire circumstances of an advanced-stage tumor, the surgical team initially grappled with limited options.

Yet, their audacious proposal to employ bovine pericardium for the intricate reconstruction of the damaged right atrium provided a glimmer of hope. Although the chances of success were less than 1%,George and his family, fueled by immense courage, fearlessly consented to the procedure that could potentially save his life.

Since the groundbreaking surgery on June 22, 2023,George has astounded everyone with his remarkable progress. While he endures some physical discomfort, his unwavering determination propels him forward, pushing through rigorous exercises on his path to complete recovery. Grateful for the tireless efforts of the surgical team, Dexter remains optimistic, steadfastly believing in a future of restored health and vitality.

Situated within the prestigious Georgetown Public Hospital, the Caribbean Heart Institute stands at the vanguard of cutting-edge cardiovascular care and groundbreaking research. Having successfully treated a staggering 25,000 patients grappling with various heart ailments, the institute continues to redefine the realm of cardiac medicine, revolutionizing healthcare throughout the region. Brace yourself for an era of unprecedented advancements in the realm of heart surgery, guided by the trailblazing Caribbean Heart Institute and its visionary leader, Dr. Gary Stephens.

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