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By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Mon. July 6, 2020: Nation of Islam leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, addressed the world on America’s Independence Day, Saturday July 4th, and had strong words for Florida and praise for Cuba.

In a speech that touched on the coronavirus and the state of the world today titled, “The Criterion,” the 87-year-old said towards the end of his three-hour address, that just as he asked God, Florida is becoming the epicenter of the novel coronavirus.

He said he asked for this to take place because the state and those who were run out of Cuba who were members of the Jewish community and their hatred for Fidel Castro has caused America to be blind now to Cuba while they speak to all other countries including Vietnam.

Farrakhan in a direct message to the US government said: “Relieve our brothers and sisters in Cuba of the burden, the unjust burden of your embargo.”

“Because we want our Cuban doctors to look after us,” he said. “We don’t trust you.”

Farrakhan also spoke on the other most pressing affairs that have taken place over the last few months including the onslaught of racism and police brutality in America, his detractors who have long accused him of being racist and anti-Semitic and on President Trump and Chinese leader Xi, whom he called on to atone for their sins or else feel an even harsher wrath in the months to come.

Farrakhan also said that that was his last speech in a long time, but that America is currently experiencing a long overdue reckoning that God has designed to be a purge of wickedness and tyranny.

The speech also marked the 90th anniversary of the existence of the Nation of Islam in America. It was the minister’s first public address since February.

See part of the speech here.

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