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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 7, 2023: Millions of Caribbean people have family living in the United States and many more travel there for tourism or business reasons. In 2021, roughly 990,000 Caribbean nationals visited the US.

Currently, Caribbean countries are not included in the Visa Waiver Program. Its citizens need to apply for the B1/B2 visa to visit the United State. Among the required documents to get the US visa, applicants need to show that they have sufficient funds to visit the US, work contracts, mortgage files, and more. If the documents are in order, most applications will be approved.

Interestingly enough, according to the Migration Policy Institute, approximately 4.5 million Caribbean immigrants resided in the US as of 2019. Caribbean culture is an amalgamation of vibrant music, delectable cuisine, colorful festivals, and a diverse heritage that has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of American society.

Here is a list of how important Caribbean culture has become to some of the bigger cities in the United States. Here are five cities offering a significant Caribbean presence and exhibiting a strong commitment to equity and inclusivity:

Caribbean Essence in Brooklyn

New York City, fondly dubbed the “melting pot” of cultures, is a natural entry point for this demographic. Brooklyn boasts a robust Caribbean diaspora, echoing the rhythms and flavors of the islands.

The city hosts the New York Caribbean Carnival on Labor Day annually, a dynamic festival brimming with grand parades, steel pan music competitions, and delectable Caribbean street food.

The city’s celebration of diversity and anti-discrimination policies affirm its commitment to cultural inclusivity.

Find Cuban and Haitian Culture in Miami

With its close geographical and cultural ties to the Caribbean, Miami is a haven for Caribbean immigrants, especially Cubans and Haitians.

The annual Miami Carnival serves as a focal point of Caribbean culture, showcasing spectacular costume competitions, steel band performances, and a grand parade of bands.

Miami’s steadfast efforts to uphold inclusivity and protect its diverse population from discrimination further amplify its appeal.

Boston Carnival Village Honors Trinidad Roots

Boston is another city resplendent with Caribbean charm. The yearly Boston Carnival Village is a tribute to Trinidad-style carnival culture, featuring a grand costume parade, a King and Queen show, and the heart-thumping beats of Calypso music.

The city’s dedication to equality and social justice offers a protective cocoon for its diverse communities.

Caribbean Cuisine in Washington D.C.

Caribbean heritage is embraced and celebrated in the nation’s capital, which hosts the yearly D.C. Caribbean Carnival. This event is replete with cultural displays, music, and Caribbean cuisine that pay homage to the islands’ rich heritage.

Washington D.C.’s commitment to multiculturalism and robust anti-discrimination measures make it a nurturing space for its Caribbean community.

Caribbean Art in Orlando, Florida

Orlando’s burgeoning Caribbean community contributes significantly to the city’s cultural milieu.

The yearly Orlando Caribbean Festival offers a day-long immersion into the world of Caribbean music, food, and art, featuring performances from international artists.

The city’s dedication to fostering diversity and tolerance marks it as a comfortable habitat for its Caribbean population.

While these cities harbor thriving Caribbean communities, it’s vital to remember that experiences of acceptance and experiences of discrimination can greatly vary among individuals. However, these cities have consistently demonstrated commitment towards promoting diversity and protecting their inhabitants against discrimination.

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