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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 19, 2019: Here are the top news making headlines from the Caribbean and its Diaspora for this Friday morning, April 19, 2019:

Exxon Mobil says it made its 13th oil discovery offshore of Guyana, increasing its rapidly rising tally of finds there.

While the US slams some Caribbean nations for their CIP programs, NYC’s Hudson Yards reportedly was financed by the cash-for-visas program.

Police in Trinidad are searching for a Jamaican-born businessman, who was abducted from his home by men pretending to be cops.

Dominican authorities have confirmed that a small French Cessna aircraft with only a pilot, crashed there on Thursday.

Barbados’ PM says her government will form a committee to review concessions given to businesses in the hotel and tourism sector.

An independent study has found the Haitian government has allocated funds to non-existent parliamentary offices.

Belize has increased its marine protected areas to 10 percent of of its territorial waters.

Puerto Rico lost nearly 4% of its population after Hurricane Maria new data shows.

12 Dominican nationals have been charged in the US for their for role in a large document and benefit fraud scheme.

And an undocumented Haitian national has been sentenced to two years in federal prison for aggravated identity theft.

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