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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. April 30, 2019: Here are the top news making headlines from the Caribbean and its Diasporas for this Tuesday morning, April 30, 2019:

The US has slammed Guyana for approving a resolution honoring convicted terrorist, the late Abdul Kadir.

Bahamian police are investigating the murder of the South Florida owner of a popular Bahamas bar who was gunned in Bimini.

The US embassy in Haiti reported gunfire on Monday near its diplomatic compound in Port-au-Prince.

The U.S. Has Threatened Maduro Supporters After Russia And China Blast Plans To Overthrow Venezuela’s President.

Antigua’s PM will today help officially launch the international concert on plastic pollution to be held in Antigua and Barbuda in June.

St. Lucia’s Minister with responsibility for the Public Service, Dr. Ubaldus Raymond, has called it quits.

Belize says the OAS has acted outside the scope of its powers accepting a representative of Juan Guido.

Dominica’s PM has called on the EU to remove the island from its list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions.

An Indiana man has returned back to the US after five-years imprisonment in Venezuela.

And the Cleveland Indians will open their new baseball academy in the Dominican Republic today, April 30th.

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