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Caribbean News Roundup For Tuesday Dec. 111, 2018

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Dec. 111, 2018: Here are the top headlines making news from across the Caribbean for today, Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018.

Trump’s AG Pick Used Guantanamo Bay To Hold Thousands Of Haitian Refugees

William Barr, Donald Trump’sĀ pick for attorney general, oversaw a program that sent someĀ 12,000 Haitian asylum seekersĀ to Guantanamo Bay. After operating for about 18 months, the detention system was forcibly ended by a judge in 1993, but BarrĀ defended the practiceĀ as recently as 2001.

At the time, Barr was serving as attorney general for President George H.W. Bush, and a military coup in Haiti had led to mass executions that targeted thousands of supporters of the overthrown leader. The bloodshed sent thousands of Haitians fleeing to Florida to seek asylum. Continue Reading USA, LLC

Caribbean Airlines Robbed By Fake Security At Piarco

A man dressed as a seĀ­cuĀ­riĀ­ty guard from a promiĀ­nent seĀ­cuĀ­riĀ­ty firm robbed Caribbean AirĀ­lines of a large sum of monĀ­ey when he “colĀ­lectĀ­ed” a monĀ­ey bag from the Caribbean AirĀ­lines counter at PiĀ­arĀ­co InĀ­terĀ­naĀ­tionĀ­al AirĀ­port on MonĀ­day. PoĀ­lice, according to the Trinidad Express, said the bag conĀ­tained close to TT$100,000 and the man went up to the counter afĀ­ter 11 am preĀ­tendĀ­ing to be the seĀ­cuĀ­riĀ­ty ofĀ­fiĀ­cer who had arĀ­rived to colĀ­lect cash from sales.

CAL ofĀ­fiĀ­cials made a reĀ­port to the PiĀ­arĀ­co PoĀ­lice StaĀ­tion at about 1 pm.

CAL head of CorĀ­poĀ­rate ComĀ­muĀ­niĀ­caĀ­tions Dionne Ligoure conĀ­firmed that “an undisĀ­closed sum of monĀ­ey was unĀ­lawĀ­fulĀ­ly reĀ­moved from the PiĀ­arĀ­co InĀ­terĀ­naĀ­tionĀ­al AirĀ­port by a man purĀ­portĀ­ing to be a G4S SeĀ­cuĀ­riĀ­ty OfĀ­fiĀ­cer.”

Nicki Minaj’s New Man Is A Registered Sex Offender

Trinidad-born rapper, Nicki Minaj, has a new man but its his registered sex offender status that has the 36-year-old defensive. Kenneth ā€œZooā€ Petty, who is a registered sex offender in New York, seemed to be celebrating with Minaj in Turks & Caicos over the as she marked her 36th birthday. Continue Reading

Drakeā€™s In The Turks & Caicos

Rapper Drake is also on a Caribbean vacation like Nicki Minaj. Both are in the Turks & Caicos islands -though separately. The rapper gave fans a sneak peak at his owl tattoo. Check it out here.

England Is Coming To The West Indies This January

The English cricket squad is coming to the Caribbean this January 2019 for a face-off with the West Indies cricket team. The full tour is as follows:

Jan 15-16, 2019, Warm-up match, Barbados

Jan 17-18, Warm-up match, Barbados

Jan 23-27: 1st Test, West Indies v England, Barbados

Jan 31-Feb 4: 2nd Test, West Indies v England, Antigua

Feb 9-13: 3rd Test, West Indies v England, St Lucia

Feb 17: Warm-up match, Barbados

Feb 20: 1st ODI, West Indies v England, Barbados

Feb 22: 2nd ODI, West Indies v England, Barbados

Feb 25: 3rd ODI, West Indies v England, Grenada

Feb 27: 4th ODI, West Indies v England, Grenada

March 2, 5th ODI, West Indies v England, St Lucia

March 5: 1st IT20, West Indies v England, St Lucia

March 8: 2nd IT20 West Indies v England, St Kitts and Nevis

March 10: 3rd IT20 West Indies v England, St Kitts and Nevis

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