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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, MONDAY, SEPT. 16, 2019: Here are the top news making headlines from the Caribbean and Latin America this Monday, September 16, 2019:

US Democratic presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, reportedly confused Guyana for the African nation of Ghana while responding to a question from a Guyana immigrant at a Conversation with the Candidate town hall forum New Hampshire recently.

A jury has been chosen for Amber Guyger’s murder trial in the shooting of St. Lucian immigrant Botham Jean.

Forecasters have warned Bermuda that strengthening Tropical Storm Humberto is a potential threat to the island, after it moved to the north of the Bahamas.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres described Hurricane Dorian’s impact on the northwestern Bahamas as a ‘Category Hell’ hurricane ‘powered by climate change.’

In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, prominent members of the Haitian community have formed the United Haitian Community Front to assist with relief efforts for Haitian victims of the storm.

17-year-old Jahhym Azoo, who barely survived a violent mugging in Grays Farm, Antigua, on September 5th, 2019, is said to be slowly recovering. He was reportedly robbed, beaten and stomped by five young men.

For the first time since being shot at a bar in the Dominican Republic in June, Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz has opened up about the incident saying: “When the bullet hit me, the first thing I felt was like a sting.”

Three people were killed and 11 were detained when a makeshift boat or yola capsized near western Puerto Rico on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019.

Two Haitians living in Jamaica, who were hoping to join the early hurricane relief efforts in The Bahamas, were left stranded in Florida last week after immigration officials insisted that they needed a Bahamian visa to enter the country.

Sean B, the undocumented Jamaican man who is fighting deportation after helping US authorities convict drug kingpin Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, has been offered bail while he fights deportation.

And Trinidad and Tobago Special Olympics athlete Sean Gibson, 34, has been found dead. Police suspect he was murdered.

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