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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. March 10, 2020: A US Corporation has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court of Colorado against the Foreign Affairs Minister of St. Kitts and The Premier Of Nevis, Mark Brantley, News Americas has learned.

According to Pacer filings, the Colorado registered company, America 2030 Capital Limited and its CEO Val Sklarov, is suing Brantley, along with his Law Firm and three named partners of the Firm, for Breach of Confidentiality.

The lawsuit, filed on February 27, 2020 in the United States District Court for The District Of Colorado accuses Brantley as well as the Daniel Brantley Law Firm, Nevis residents and partners of the firm: Brian Barnes, Elizabeth Harper and Dia Forrester; Virginia resident Erik Prince and the Hong Kong companies, Sunpower Business Group Pte Ltd. and Tournan Trading Pte Ltd., of Violation of Ethical Duty, Breach of Fiduciary Trust, Conflict of Interest, Breach of Sacrosanct Privacy of Attorney-Client Privilege, Misuse of Confidential Information, and Breach of Duty.

The suit also accuses the defendants of violating “the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by advantageously using Plaintiff’s confidential information and Ministerial position in furtherance of Defendants’ political, financial, and personal gain.”

America 2030 Capital Limited, a stock loans company, claims in the suit that it is a client of the Firm, but sometime in 2018, Prince, Sunpower Business Group PTE Ltd., and Tournan Trading PTE Ltd. were privy to its confidential information from the law firm who also signed them as clients.

The company’s lawsuit also claims that “all defendants used (the) plaintiff’s confidential information to their advantage in matters materially adverse to plaintiff.”

“Defendant Daniel Brantley Law Firm shared Plaintiff’s confidential information with Defendant Mark Brantley as well as with Defendants Erik Prince, Tournan Trading PTE Ltd., and Sunpower Business Group PTE Ltd.,” the suit states. “This alone constitutes giving something ofvalue, confidential information, to a foreign official. Additionally, Defendants’ use of Plaintiff’s confidential information severely disadvantaged Plaintiff in dealings with Defendants and gives Plaintiff a distinct disadvantage in the judicial system in Nevis. The present instance is just one example of the corporate bribery and corruption that continues to plague Nevis.”

America 2030 Capital Limited is demanding a jury trial and requesting compensatory damages, including actual, consequential, speculative, and incidental damages, for the breach of confidentiality, breach of duty owed to a current and former client, and violation of the FCPA. It also wants the defendants to pay for its attorney’s fees and costs and is also asking the court to grant “any such further relief as the Court deems appropriate including preliminary and permanent injunctive relief.”

A scheduling conference on the matter is set for May 12th at 02 PM in Courtroom 101, Colorado Springs before Magistrate Judge Kathleen M. Tafoya. The plaintiff is represented by Colorado Attorney Jaitegh Singh.

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