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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Nov. 2, 2020: Jamaica continues to see an upward spike in COVID-19 cases and deaths with the country surpassing 9,000 cases Sunday.

Sa of last night, the confirmed cases was 9,1,31 as it added another 37 Sunday. Jamaica also passed a milestone of 200 deaths, reporting 208 deaths as of yesterday as the death tally jumped by two.

The country has now surpassed Haiti’s active caseload. This as the number of active cases on the island now stands at 4,306.


Meanwhile, the Dominican Republic continues adding new cases, reaching 127,332 Sunday as it added 314 new cases. But the current active case load is 19,794.

The death toll is now at 2,249 after the DR added another 4 new deaths Sunday.

Other Caribbean countries reporting new cases Sunday were:

Guyana, which added 46 new cases to reach 4,208,

Belize which added 35 to reach 3,487 and,

Trinidad and Tobago, which added 12 new cases to reach 5,704.

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