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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 12, 2021: Potato Ball or Cassava Ball. Both are very familiar to many Caribbean immigrants. But how about Plantain Balls? This week we feature the unique recipe that is popular in Haiti. Here’s how to make it according to AJ & Mirlene of Savoury Thoughts


2mildly green/yellow plantains or green plantains

¼ Tsp. Kosher Salt

Oil For Deep Frying


Heat about 1/2-quart oil for frying. You can use vegetable oil or peanut oil.

Use a food processor to grind the mildly green/yellow plantains or the green ones if using it).

Add salt to season the plantain. Grind until finely chopped.

If using the mildly green/yellow plantains, scoop the desired size in  your oiled palm.

Shape into a ball and deep fry until well done – about 6-8 minutes to fully cooked.

Repeat the steps above until the entire batch is fully cooked.

Serve as an appetizer or snack. Enjoy.

Bon Appetite

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