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By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Jan. 18, 2021: British football club, Wembley FC, is in mourning, after it lost its Caribbean-born goalie to drowning in his native home of Trinidad and Tobago.

Raheem Belgrave is believed to have drowned while swimming on holiday there in the Blanchisseuse river in the Caribbean country. Police said when he was eventually pulled out of the water by his friends he was in an “unresponsive state.”

“It is with terrible sadness that we bring news of Raheem “Birdie” Belgrave’s death,” Wembley announced on Twitter. “We are shocked and saddened and send our condolences to his family and closest friends.”

The former Trinidad and Tobago U-17s international was just 29. He was a member of the Men’s National U-17 squad in 2008-2009 under then head coach Anton Corneal. He was the son of former National Team manager David Muhammad.

Belgrave was part of the team that finished runners-up in the Concacaf Caribbean Club Championships in 2017. He played for Queen’s Park in Trinidad in 2017-2018 before joining Wembley Football Club in England in 2018.

Belgrave also played 35 times for Wembley FC during the past three seasons.

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