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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Oct. 29, 2020:  A former West Indies player is in hot water over perverse sexual comments he made about another cricketer’s wife while reacting to an apparent joke from a White cricketer.

Former West Indies all-rounder Marlon Samuels is now being slammed all over Twitter for his explosive expletive-laden rant at English cricketer Ben Stokes.

Samuels made the comments while reacting to an apparent joke from Stokes, who last week joked that he would not wish being quarantined in New Zealand on his ‘worst enemy’ – Marlon Samuels.

Stokes had to be quarantined twice in recent times after he went to New Zealand to meet his father before travelling to the UAE for the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL).

“I posted a few Instagram stories and some of the England boys were messaging me asking, ‘What it’s like?’ and I was saying, ‘It wasn’t the most enjoyable thing you ever have to do, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy’,” Stokes had said. “I text my brother saying the same thing, and my brother asked, ‘You wouldn’t even do that to Marlon Samuels?’ I said, ‘No, it’s that bad’, — that’s how tough it was,” he had added.

While Stokes’ comment about Samuels appeared to be a light-hearted banter, the latter did not take it too kindly. In response, Samuels posted an explosive rant on Instagram, in which he appeared to make sexual remarks about Stokes’ wife. He also boasted about his ‘superior skin tone’ in his message to Stokes.

“No white boy could diss me in the sports and no get back diss look at this b***h still thinking about me give me 14 days with you wife turn her into Jamaican in 14 seconds mate none of yall knows me that simple means it’s my f***ing superior skin tone yall hate f*** you,” Samuels posted on Tuesday.

His comments have not been well-received by the cricketing fraternity and fans and they took to social media to slam the outspoken former allrounder.

“I’ve just been sent what Samuels has posted re @benstokes38 & I. It’s a very sad situation as he obviously needs serious help-but has no friends at all & not even his ex-teammates like him. Just because you were an ordinary cricketer-no need to be an ordinary person. Get help son,” former Australian cricketer Shane Warne tweeted.

@JameelHassan32 posted: “Marlon Samuels Comments on Ben Stokes wife are disrespectful and unbearable. He Proved he is Low-profile Cricketer and Can cross all limits. Shame shame shame ??????” while @alexcross19 added: “Marlon Samuels still trying to desperately hard to be relevant, hate to see it.”

This as @dan_cope14 tweeted: “And if this was the other way around, Stokes would be banned for life and rightly so. Shameful racism from Marlon Samuels.”

The rivalry between Stokes and Samuels was ignited during a Test series in 2015, when the West Indies batsman mocked the left-hander by saluting him following a dismissal. The pair then crossed the path again in the 2016 T20 World Cup final when Samuels powered West Indies to a stunning win over England.

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