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Usain Bolt strikes his famous lightning bolt pose despite the loss. (Twitter image)

By NAN Sports Editor

News Americas, LONDON, England, Sat. Aug. 5, 2017: Caribbean sprint legend, Usain “The GOAT” Bolt may not have ended his career the way he predicted earlier this week, or the way his fans wanted, but on Twitter, it was triple Olympian  and not the newly-crowned IAAF 2017 100-men’s champ who was getting all the love and congratulatory wishes.

Over 51 thousand tweets were about the Jamaican legend compared to only over 1,900 for the US’ Justin Gatlin, who moments after his 9.92 win bowed to Bolt on the tracks of London.

Most fans were in disbelief at the Jamaican sprinter’s loss to two Americans in a time of 9.95. But many more were aghast it was to Gatlin, who countless called a “two time drug cheat,” proving the 35-year-old American just cannot live down his mistakes.

Justin Gatlin bows to Usain “GOAT” Bolt after winning the men’s 100-m in London.

“Really disappointed to see 2 TIME DRUG CHEAT J GATLIN DEFEATING @usainbolt in last 100,” tweeted @Georgebakhos1‏.

“Justin Gatlin will always be remembered as a cheat.. Usain Bolt will always be remembered as a legend,” tweeted @amberJennings.
While @bigbarney100 questioned: “Shouldn’t be there, life ban should be enforced for drug cheats?”

“Me waiting for the Americans to be exposed for doping again so Bolt gets his rightful Gold,” @SunchiiChenn added  while  @geovanemorgan tweeted: “Gatlin will forever be remembered as a cheat. 2 drug bans under his belt. Bolt may have lost but he’ll be remembered as a legend.”

“Couldnt have been a worse result. Can deal with Bolt losing but not to a cheat #thedarksideofsport,” added @Karen_Pickering as @TheTomJoyce agreed. “Watching a drugs cheat take gold in the Bolt’s final race is absolutely sickening. Still the GOAT,” he tweeted.

But most fans were all about paying tribute to Bolt despite his loss.

“Usain Bolt will always be a Champion; both in the Hearts of fans & haters alike. Legend!,” @Rouvafe tweeted while @latif_thomas added: “Watching Bolt’s behavior after the loss shows why he is so popular and beloved world wide. Absolute class act on every level. #GOAT.”

Even the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, tweeted: “Congratulations to the legend & honorary Londoner, @usainbolt on a fantastic career. You will always be the greatest! #Bolt #London2017.”

As @rosssheil wisely pointed out: while “people compare Ali to Bolt a lot. Ali didn’t win his last fight either. Doesn’t diminish the legend of either CHAMP.”

And @DJSemtex summed it up accurately: “Doesn’t matter who won, came Second or third. Bolt will be remembered as one of the greatest ever.”

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