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NEWS AMERICAS, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. July 28, 2020: The number of COVID-19 cases in 10 Caribbean countries moved closer to 91,000 cases Monday as one Caribbean country claimed close to 65,000 cases alone of the total number.

The Dominican Republic reached 64,156 cases yesterday after adding another 1,248 new cases. The country’s death toll also climbed by 20 to 1,083.

On Sunday, the DR reached a milestone with 2,012 infections in one day, the highest in the four months and 27 days that the pandemic has had an incidence.

The island, which reopened to tourists and international travellers at the beginning of July, now has 32,869 active cases of the virus with 268 listed as critical. The health system is currently almost at full capacity, as latest statistics indicate that the occupancy of beds was around 92%.

Puerto Rico, meanwhile, added 288 new cases to reach 15,431 confirmed cases. The uptick comes as demonstrators protested Saturday against U.S. mainland tourist arriving from coronavirus hot zones outside Luis Munoz Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

A few other Caribbean islands continue to see upticks in cases, but none has as many cases as the DR. The Bahamas, which banned American tourists last week, added more than 40 new cases Monday to reach 382 while while Cuba added 37 new cases to move to 2,532.Haiti moved to 7,315 confirmed cases after adding 18 Monday. The USVI for its part now has 364 cases.

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