FILE - In this March 8, 2013 file photo released by Miraflores Press Office, Venezuela's acting President Nicolas Maduro stands in front of a portrait of Venezuela's late President Hugo Chavez after a symbolic swearing in ceremony in the presence of the flag-draped coffin of Chavez at the military academy where the funeral ceremony was held earlier in Caracas, Venezuela. For his loyal followers, Chavez was already a living legend on par with independence era hero Simon Bolivar even before his March 5 death from cancer. In a mere three weeks, however, Chavez has ascended to divine status, at least according to political rhetoric, as the government and his die-hard loyalists build a religious mythology around him ahead of April 14 elections scheduled to pick a new leader. (AP Photo/Miraflores Press Office, File)CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Holding a Bible in her arms at the start of Holy Week, seamstress Maria Munoz waited patiently to visit the tomb of the man she considers another savior of humanity.