Chile seeking answers in death of poet Neruda

FILE - This Feb. 14, 1952 file photo shows Chilean poet Pablo Neruda in Capri, Italy. The perseverance and persistence during the last two decades from who was the driver and assistant of Neruda, who believes that the Pinochet dictatorship ordered the world-wide poet’s assassination, prompted a human rights judge to order on Feb. 8, 2013 the exhumation of his body. But chances are that the exhumation won’t be conclusive on whether the poet died in the middle of a treatment for prostate cancer or was killed by a doctor, whose existence no one can verify, to silence the vocal poet who was an active member of the Chilean Communist Party. Officially, Neruda died of cancer only days after the 1973 coup toppled his close friend, socialist President Salvador Allende. (AP Photo/File)ISLA NEGRA, Chile (AP) — The body of Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda is being exhumed this weekend in an effort to clear up four decades of suspicion about how he died in the days after Chile's military coup. USA, LLC