Chileans get spot to indulge in frowned-on siestas

In this March 1, 2013 photo, Javier Swett, 33, prepares to take a quick nap at "Espacio Siestario” before an employee closes the door in Santiago, Chile. Espacio Siestario is the first business of its kind in work-obsessed Chile. It opened five months ago, and is already getting more than 400 customers a month, from sleep-deprived mothers and retirees to young professionals and stressed-out stockbrokers. (AP Photo/Luis Andres Henao)SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Cars honk, people yell and radios blare outside, yet Carmen Castillo is getting a rejuvenating midday nap in downtown Santiago, snoozing away her stress in a dreamland of scented candles, plush pillows and calming massages.