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News Americas, BOGOTA, Colombia, Tues. Aug. 23, 2011: The Colombian Football Federation on Monday confirmed coach Hernan Dario Gomez has quit his post.

Gomez had already offered to resign on August 9th but several players urged him to reconsider in an open letter. But on Monday, a Federation statement indicated that Gomez was “irrevocably” confirming his initial decision to stand down.

Gomez resigned amidst criticism that he hit a woman he was with over the weekend.

Eyewitnesses account had claimed they saw Gomez leave a Bogota bar on August 6th after allegedly drinking half a bottle of liquor. They said he started arguing with his female companion outside the bar and hit her at least four times.

Gomez later issued a public statement apologizing for the incident but said it was a personal matter.

As news hit, criticism grew and under continuing public pressure and in the face of a lack of support from the team’s main sponsors, The Colombian Football Federation accepted Gomez’s decision to resign on August 9th.

The Federation has not yet named a replacement for Gomez, but said it would do so soon.

Colombia failed to reach the semi-finals at the recent Copa America after losing to Peru.

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