Did Obama’s Presidency End On 9/13/11?

Where The Problem Began!
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Where The Problem Began!
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 16, 2011: Tuesday the 13th a day of infamy for Barack Obama.

Choose whatever excuse you like to dismiss the two Democratic losses in special Congressional races in New York and Nevada. It’s called rationalization.

And a waste of time.

In Brooklyn in a district that has been in Democrat hands since 1922, that’s 90 years, and with overwhelming Democratic registration, the race that was presented as a referendum on President Obama delivered unmistakable results.

Likewise in Nevada, in a district that often goes Republican but which, Obama almost won in 2008 and with a very attractive
Democratic candidate running in the special election for Congress the Democrat got slaughtered at the polls Tuesday.

Nothing is going to happen between now and election day 2012 to turn it all around for Obama. The pundits always provide their disclaimer “anything” can happen between now and next election day next year.

They would have included had it not happened for instance: “If Obama can find and kill bin Laden” that will propel him and the Democrats to victory. Been there done that. Obama smashed bin Laden in the face and dumped his sorry body in the ocean.

What happened? Nobody cares two months later.

That dear voters spells DISASTER for Obama and Democrats. What about Obama’s vaulted rhetorical skills how he can rouse audiences with his cadence and delivery. If you haven’t noticed it has gone flat. Whenever Obama delivers a speech now it seems like him doing a caricature of himself. All it does is remind listeners how so very empty his words are bordering on phoniness.

Take Obama’s speech before Congress last week.

Is this really the same Barack Obama who inspired so many of us only three years ago voting in record numbers lining up down the street to elect him President to deliver CHANGE we can believe in? These are the same two Obamas only if you are on medication and can’t see or think straight.

Which brings me back to the FATAL flaw in the Obama Presidency ….

…… which DOOMED him and the rest of us from the start. It was never and he was never what he appeared to be in the rock star euphoria of his rise from obscurity to power. What we deluded ourselves into believing that there was more there than there was.

Lots more about Barack Obama than ever really existed.

We can go all the way back to his earliest childhood to find the root of the problem. Yes Barack Obama is an African American no doubt about that.

But he grew up pampered in a white family in mostly all white surroundings and the BS aside he was raised in a fairly affluent family. Obama lived the antithesis of Black poverty rather in the dream state of Hawaii and attended the same school the Hawaii elite sent their children.

He had a globetrotting mother who had no trouble indulging her educational goals without any concern for how to finance them and had no problem leaving young Barack with his white grandparents as she scoured the globe in search of learning. And his absentee father the already married Barack Obama Sr. who conned his mother into marrying her then quickly left her and Barack behind so he could better pursue his own advanced education at Harvard unencumbered by another child and a second wife to add to his existing family back in Kenya.

What is the point of the summary bio?

First of all Obama himself used that biography to propel himself into the national spotlight with his best-selling autobiography “Dreams From My Father” which itself turns out to be a carefully slanted telling of his life story up until its publication date.

The fact is Barack Obama lived a trouble free childhood minus his long gone father and often gone mother a smart Black kid in a white society who was widely embraced because he was the quintessential example of what nice white people wanted to see in young African Americans.

Obama responded accordingly and of course found his way to the pinnacle of upwardly mobile America Columbia University then Harvard Law School. And with nary a word in his autobiography about any difficulty of gaining admission to either and even more telling none about any hardship affording an expensive education.

Likewise his days following as a very low level “organizer” on the street of Chicago. It did not prevent him from being selected nor then affording to leave for the above mentioned Harvard Law School to then return to Chicago to an associate position at a major law firm and a teaching position at the University of Chicago while he kept is street creds.

Absolutely noble in its own way except how it relates to his Presidency. Barack Obama rose to power by pleasing everybody while feeding their fantasies of Black America they all wanted to believe in fact encouraged Barack Obama to be the model for Black America that does not really exist but which so many wish
did. Not least of all Progressive Democrats.

So back to the Point.

Barack Obama throughout his life has brilliantly mastered the art of being the Perfect Black Man for a White America. As such both African Americans could see in him the personification of the heights Black Americans can and should reach while those with power in White America saw in Obama the very same.
Then most of us bought into the Myth.

So to summarize so far Barack Obama is very smart, he is very articulate, he is (or was) a master of persuasion, and he had a plan.

To become President of the United States.

Based on my analysis that is where and when the Problem began.

The day Barack Obama was elected President. More precisely January 20, 2009, the day he was inaugurated. The signal was dramatic and immediate in a very troubling way that was buried in the hype of the day. Barack Obama’s Inaugural speech. It would have been “logical” everyone was expecting THE speech of his life that would lift our nation to new heights, open up vistas not seen before, give hope to every American, augur in a new age of
American greatness…
… instead Barack Obama delivered a drab uninspiring completely forgettable speech standing there before millions gathered on the Mall, and hundreds of millions watching throughout the United States and countless others around the world.

We had been had. Even if it would be 3 years before it sank in. Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama had won the ultimate PRIZE the greatest PRIZE anyone on Earth could possibly win certainly any American to become President of the United States.
As with winning any unbelievable Prize the obvious goal is to keep it for as long as the terms of the prize allows. In this case 8 years maximum. To no surprise again 3 years later Obama decided from Day One the way to keep the prize was NOT to go around making “risky” bets offering bold progressive solutions that if they did not work out or if they annoyed too many Americans would risk him winning the second part of the prize the Second Term.

So smart Barack Obama decided before Inauguration Day that the well traveled Middle Road the very same road traveled by most Presidents in his case specifically Democrat Presidents would be the road best taken. The one those before him had so well traveled there was a rut in the road to walk in. And Barack did and is. Appear to act decisively in response to crisis that arise but not over do it even then. Much more to the point in his own initiatives as President try to please as many Americans as possible which does NOT mean the loyal Democratic base. Rather all those Americans who need to be just happy enough with him i.e. not so unhappy they don’t go out of their way to try and defeat him with a Republican candidate in 2012.

Obama did not need a secret playbook to know what everyone always knows in this case almost no matter what happened or did not Democrats would vote for him in 2012 rather than the alternative a Republican. What was and is far more important are those “swing” voters in the battleground states who will OR will not award him their votes so he can claim the other half of his PRIZE a Second Term of unsurpassed luxury as President. EXCEPT as September 13th proved it isn’t working.

Therein lies the very big problem for the rest of us.

The only possible solution. President Obama step aside.

Do NOT run again.

Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.