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Donald Trump at the first GOP debate on Aug. 6, 2015. (FOX News image)

By Felicia J. Persaud

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 28, 2015: Moments after Donald Trump showed the nation and the world what a press conference under his Presidency would look like – getting his security to boot top Latino journalist Jorge Ramos for asking tough questions – he insisted Hispanics love him!

To quote ‘The Donald Duck’ show exactly, here’s what was said in the exchange with Ramos, after the Univision anchor was “allowed” back in after being verbally bashed.

“Do you know how many Latinos work for me? Do you know how many Hispanics are working for me? They love me!”
I almost fell off the chair watching CNN after this comment.

Really now Donald; are you awake or in a perpetual dream state? Maybe it’s something you’ve inhaled from those construction sites over the years that has your brain messed up and your ego swollen beyond repair.

Where are these thousands of Hispanics who love you Donald and where exactly are the ones who work for you? I don’t see any at these redneck rallies you are holding.
Certainly they are not a Trump headquarters – except well maybe the elevator operator!

Earth to Trump – what planet exactly are you on? Your delusions are laughable if they were not so damned irritating.

Hispanics and immigrants voters don’t love you at all. In fact, they hate you big time, ever since those insane comments about Mexico sending rapists and other criminals to the United States and your plans to build a wall with a door between the two nations.

Remember that?

Even the ones who work for you in those low level jobs are offended by your comments on immigration. But since you are the trumpeter of blowing up poll numbers, here’s a poll for you Donald.

Gallup’s new poll shows a net favorability at minus 51 for you among Hispanics. That’s negative 51; below zero; negativo cincuenta y uno!

Then there is the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that shows three-quarters of Hispanics see you in a negative light, with more than 60 percent of them viewing you very negatively.

That’s palpable hate not love Donald! In fact if you were a candidate on your own Apprentice show you’d be fired already by Hispanic and immigrant voters. Don’t be fooled by the White blue collar folks flocking to be seen at your rallies. They no longer can help you win a national election.

Maybe, in your dreams you will be the Republican nominee and maybe in your dreams Hispanics love you and will vote for you in the national election and make you President but that dear Donald is only in your dreams.

The reality is that even if your promises of more jobs came with a bar of gold, Hispanics and immigrant voters still won’t vote for you.

Time to wake up Donald! Your summer of insanity will soon be over and Hispanics and immigrant voters, including Jorge Ramos will be the ones helping to put the final nail in the coffin of your Presidential delusion.

The writer is CMO of Hard Beat Communications, which owns the brands News Americas Now, CaribPR Wire and Invest Caribbean Now.




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