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Eddy Murphy in “Oh Jah Jah”

News Americas, LOS ANGELES, CA, Fri. May 8, 2015: Actor Edward Regan “Eddie” Murphy’s foray into reggae singing is definitely authentic and his music video to go with his track “Oh Jah Jah” definitely is bona fide reggae. So unlike Snoop Lion’s entry into the genre!

Who would have thought? Murphy sounds as natural as any Jamaican-born reggae singer as he chants: “Leaving Babylon…. Going back to Zion.” His Bushwick, Brooklyn upbringing has definitely paid off.

In the Richard Gumbs III-directed clip, which employs hazy graphic effects, Murphy is dressed in a Rastafarian star-emblazoned long-sleeve t-shirt while playing guitar in the studio flanked by his band.

Unlike Snoop whose reggae sounded like rap, Murphy’s chants are purely inspirational.

Judge for yourself. See Murphy’s new video here

And as Murphy says: “If people respond to this, then I might do another album.”



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