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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Nov. 14, 2019: Evo Morales last night slammed Donald Trump for recognizing what he called “the de facto government” that has taken his place in Bolivia and said said Wednesday he was ready to return to “pacify” his country amid weeks of unrest that led to his resignation.

Days after Morales resigned and sought asylum in Mexico, Senate vice president, Jeanine Áñez, 52, declared herself interim president, as the next in the line of succession following the resignations of Morales, 60, and several of his high-ranking allies.

Writing on Twitter last night, Morales said: “We condemn Trump’s decision to recognize the de facto government and self-proclaimed by the right.  After imposing Guaidó, he now proclaims Yañez.  The coup that causes deaths of my Bolivian brothers is a political and economic conspiracy that comes from the US.”

Áñez yesterday donned the presidential sash and vowed to quickly hold a new vote to determine Morales’ permanent replacement.

“God bless you and allow us to be free and to hold transparent elections soon,” she said Wednesday, in a tweet addressed to the country’s young people.

But Morales’ supporters have mobilized for mass protests in El Alto, the country’s second-largest city, where tens of thousands have clogged the streets while clashing with security forces in La Paz.

“La Paz has become a field of military and police repression against the people that denounces the coup d’etat,” Morales added on Twitter. “Those who said they fought for democracy have imposed a military-police dictatorship that supports an illegal and unconstitutional government with boots and rifles.”

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