FARC negotiator says disarming will be ‘long process’

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Colombian FARC-EP leftist guerrillas' delegation member, Andres Paris speaks during an interview on August 25, 2014 in HavanaColombia’s FARC guerrillas will not give up their weapons at once, and need guarantees from the government to disarm, a negotiator said Tuesday as the peace process marked two years. Cementing a ceasefire and disarming the leftist rebel group are among the thorniest topics remaining in the talks, the fourth and most promising attempt so far to end the 50-year-old conflict. As a “subcommittee” of army officers and rebels got down to work on the issue, FARC negotiator Andres Paris warned there would be no instant solution. “No one has suggested to the FARC, nor have we ever said to the government, that there would be a single moment when we would hand over our arms.