Five Caribbean Nations With The Most Green Card Holders For 2017


By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Nov. 15, 2017: Whether through adjustment of status or sponsorship arrivals, nationals from at least five Caribbean nations account for the most green card holders or Legal Permanent Residents, (LPR), so far this year. Here’s where the most green card holders are from this year:

1: Cuba

The communist Caribbean nation of Cuba accounted for the most new green card holders or permanent residents so far this year, latest Department of Homeland Security data show. The number of green card holders reached a whopping 46,788 for just the third quarter this year. The majority adjusted their status in the U.S.

2: The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, a source of major migration from the Caribbean to the US, accounted for almost 43,000 green card holders so far this year, DHS data showed; the second most from any Caribbean nation. Most of those new green card holders arrived with their LPR status in the U.S.

3: Haiti

Coming in at third is Haiti. There were 16,605 Haitians who received their green cards so far this year; the majority being new arrivals. Only a smaller portion – some 6,000 – were able to adjust their status in the US.

4: Jamaica

Jamaicans accounted for the fourth largest group of green card holders so far this year. Some 16,215 became LPR’s this year; the most coming into the country with residency as new arrivals.

5: Guyana

Nationals of Guyana round out the top 5 green card holders so far this year. Some 4,000 plus became LPR’s this year with the most – some 1,494, adjusting their status in the U.S.