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Usain Bolt (left) posted this Instagram image showing he is preparing to ‘begin his journey’ to healing.

By NAN Sports Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. July 6, 2016: The question on many sports commentators lips ever since July 1st, is will the World’s Fastest Man, Usain St. Leo Bolt, overcome his injury in time to fulfill his Olympic 2016 dream? The Jamaican sprinter is taking no chances after suffering a hamstring tear at the semi-finals of the Jamaica Olympic trials and rushed off to Germany to see Dr Hans Muller-Wohlfahrt. So who is this doctor? Here are five things you should know about Dr. Muller-Wohlfahrt:

Dr. Hans Muller-Wohlfahrt

1: Dr. Muller-Wohlfahrt, now 73, was born in Leerhafe, Germany which is today part of Wittmund, East Frisia and is nicknamed “Healing Hans.”

2: He is the former club doctor of Bayern Munich. He served as club doctor from April 1977 to April 2015 and only resigned after the medical staff was blamed after a 3–1 loss to Porto in a UEFA Champions League match.

3: He has treated many footballers including Jürgen Klinsmann, Ronaldo and Jonathan Woodgate along with other sportsmen and women such as Paula Radcliffe, Kelly Holmes, Michael Owen, Maurice Greene, Bono and Bolt at his expansive clinic that has all the trappings of a fine art gallery on the second floor of Alte Hof — a 12th century Gothic structure.

4: Dr. Muller-Wohlfahrt helped the six-time Olympic gold medalist before to overcome a pelvic issue a year ago, in time for him to win the 100m and 200m at the World Championships in Beijing.

5: Many his treatments are controversial because he also uses homeopathic medicine treat his patients including using injections of a substance called Hyalart which is extracted from the crest of cockerels known as “Fowl Cocks” in the Caribbean. It is claimed to help lubricate knee injuries and take away the pain. He has also injected honey or Actovegin into patients.

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