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Former UN General Assembly President Ashe was recently arrested on bribery charges. He is now under house arrest.

By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Nov. 4, 2015: John Ashe, the Antigua-born former President of the UN General Assembly, is out of jail and under house arrest.

Judge Vernon S. Broderick released Ashe in time for Halloween last weekend on US$1 million bond as long as he remains largely under house arrest and wears an electronic bracelet.

Ashe was also ordered to surrender his travel documents and can only travel to his attorney’s office in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and New Jersey; religious services with his family once a week at the South Presbyterian Church in Dobbs Ferry and to his youngest son’s championship football game.

However, he must advise his pretrial officer of the time he will leave for the game and the time he will return home from the game and must return from church to his home promptly.

Ashe, 61, had been jailed at the Metropolitan Detention Center in New York since his arrest on Oct. 6th on tax fraud charges related to alleged bribery.

The disgraced United Nations bigwig, who was busted for accepting $1.3 million in bribes to buy Rolex watches and build a basketball court at his home

Ashe allegedly took the bribes to help a Chinese billionaire try to land a “multi-billion-dollar, UN-sponsored conference center in Macau,” court papers state.

Ashe, a former  ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda, spent $59,000 of the dough on hand-tailored Hong Kong suits, $69,000 for a membership in a South Carolina vacation club, $54,000 on two Rolex watches, $40,000 to lease a BMW X5 and $5,000 on Gucci goodies, according to court papers.

Ashe is a green-card holder who lives in Westchester County.

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