From Tobago To France & Back – With Chocolate!

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By Felicia Persaud

News Americas, SCARBOROUGH, Tobago, Mon. April 15, 2013: The dark, rich melt-in-your mouth chocolate, with the perfect bitter-sweet consistency, comes in a package that says Made in France. Yet few would believe that the sweet cocoa from which the square bar of chocolate is made was grown locally in Tobago.

The Tobago Cocoa Estate W.I. Ltd., a combination heritage park and working cocoa estate located in the lush hills above the sleepy town of Roxborough on the island’s southern coast, grows and ships the raw cocoa beans that are returned to the island as chocolate from Chocolatier Francois Pralus.

The Tobago Cocoa Estate was established by Tobagonian Duane Dove in 2005.

After several years of living and working in Europe within the Food & Beverage Industry, Dove says on the company’s website, that he saw the need to rejuvenate the Cocoa Industry on the island, where cocoa was one of the major crops grown throughout history there.

Today, with a staff that includes Mrs. Gobin, the acres and acres of land is largely planted with Trinitario cocoa, considered to be a fine or flavorful cocoa.

So flavorful that the Tobago Estate Chocolates are the Silver award winners of the “Best Dark Chocolate Bean-to-Bar 2013” award by the UK-based Academy of Chocolate Awards 2013.

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