Get Ready For Obama’s Supreme Court Hypocrisy


By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, Fri. June 22, 2012: Are you ready?
Well I am here to prepare you!

Looks like the Supremes will rule on Obama’s Health Care Act in the next few day early in the new week maybe. The bet is they will rule the public mandate UNconstitutional and let the rest of this hodge podge law stand.

I will take that bet. It seems like the likely one. Say what you will about the Supremes this time they may get it right for a change ruling the Federal government does NOT have the right to force Americans to buy a private product. Thank God.

The alternative is more than frightening. And why the medical care industry loves the new law, and many other Big Business groups. Why they won’t even have to keep trying to trick us to buy their products. Since Big Business owns the government over a reasonable” period of time Congress will pass more legislation forcing us to buy other products and services and the President also bought and paid for will gleefully sign the legislation into law.

So what will happen when and if the Supreme Court strikes down the public mandate to buy medical insurance? HOWLS of protest led by the Hypocrite President Obama.

It is an amazing world we live in not that it has not always been amazing in painful ways – amazing that supposedly pro-people Democrats led by Obama and the Democrats in Congress – most of all Obama’s twin hypocrite clueless Nancy Pelosi – and all the big name Democratic Party groups will demonize the majority on the Supreme Court for striking DOWN this public mandate because nothing in the commerce clause in the Constitution was ever meant to give the President and Congress dictatorial powers over all Americans. It’s bad enough without that power in their hands. We will see the perversion of the so called Left Wing moaning and groaning that the Supremes will not allow us to be FORCED to buy a private product that by the way can largely be priced at whatever rates the insurance companies can justify. And who will be the judge the insurance companies?

What is really going on here?

Once again Obama has SCREWED us. And this is why this guy should not be President in spite of fact the alternative is worse. We live in a world and a country where two wrongs are all we get. The only legitimate response is to vote for nobody who is far superior than either of these two Jokers – Obama and Romney.

Elections are about or should be about making logical choices not about filling out a ballot for its own sake. Not voting is a very real vote. Sure vote for some position but you don’t have to vote for every office. Just say NO!

Obama swore to us to get elected President the first time he was all for a public option and would never abandon it if not giving us a hint he was really for even more a single payer system the closest thing to a real solution as there will ever be. In tandem, Obama made it crystal clear he opposed a public mandate that forced us all to buy private insurance.

So what did he do? What he always does – Obama lies! Again and again he does the opposite of what we expect him to do. The only change he brings us is change we don’t want to believe in. So get ready gentle ladies and gentle men more appropriately furious women and men. Right after the expected Supreme Court decision we will see a defiant (sic) caustic President Barack Obama voicing his frustration and disappointment about the Supreme Court decision. He will say how can they do this to the American people. He will tell us that he President Obama crafted fabulous medical care legislation that will keep us all well at affordable prices and that the Supremes have dashed it.

It will all simply be more Obama BS. Presidential manure!

He didn’t deliver what he promised us and now he will be up there to con us again into believing he did deliver what we needed and others “conspired” to destroy his historic initiative. Then go on to tell us now we need him more than ever to wage the good fight for us to find some way to overcome the Supreme Court decision.

That it was the Republicans and THEIR Supreme Court that robbed us of fabulous medical care Obama care! Rather Obama could care less. All he cares about is the Big House and Big Plane. Go away Barack and please take your Clown Act with you. Back to Chicago and your buddy Rahm Emanuel.
Don’t let this Con Man fool us again.

We don’t need Obama care or Romney care if we care about what is best for all of us. Not for the Ruling Class.

We need a public option at the least better yet a single payer system where all the medical costs are under control and every American is covered from birth until the Bitter End. And for the rich they don’t need us to tell them they will use their Big Bucks to buy themselves better private care.

No one is going to stop them from using their money ill begotten or not to buy themselves whatever gold plated care they want. That is the way America should work – freedom from government programs if you can afford it. Not the perverse opposite of Obama care, which forces us to buy private insurance from the vultures. So now I have prepared you even if his week’s Commentary was delayed a day for health reasons you could say. I just wasn’t in the right mood to puts fingers to keyboard yesterday.

I’m better now and without Obama care.
I’d be even better without Obama at all. And so would you.

End of this story.

If I’m wrong about the Supreme Court decision I’ll be back next week to comment about what the hell happened.

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.