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By NAN ET Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. May 15, 2018: While the news around Caribbean-born star Rihanna’s Savage X lingerie launch has been largely focused on the site’s e-commerce let down, lost in the mix is the cost of the pieces, including something as basic as panties.

News Americas has found that the cost for a panty at Savage X will set you back more than at Victoria’s Secret.

A regular lace bikini panty at Savage X is US $18.50 compared to $14.50 at VC while a lace tong at Savage X is US $18.50 compared to $16.50 at VC.

Basic high-waisted micro-fiber panties at Savage X also start at US $16.50 compared to USD 11 generally. The price range at Savage X for undies is from 14.50 to as high as almost 30 dollars.

Bras, however, start at $24 and run up to $54 for the sexier variety. USA, LLC

Meanwhile, a corseted lace teddy at VC costs US $58 while Rihanna’s lace teddy is a whopping US $79.

Savage X, however, puts the ‘X’ in its line of robes and rompers, compared to VC but get ready to shell out almost US $80 for the romper and another US $80 for the matching robe.

Sizes on Savage X, however, range from extra small to 3x and the colors are more unique than the basic blacks, whites or reds, offering anything from pearl, to caviar, dusty peach, fairy dust and highlighter.

So at the end of the day you are paying for Brand Rihanna and hoping her brand of ‘fairy dust’ will help create magic that lasts.

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