Grenada PM Blames Opposition For No Confidence Motion

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Grenada PM Tillman Thomas
News Americas, ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada, Weds. Aug. 29, 2012: Grenada Prime Minister, Tillman Thomas, has placed the blame for a no confidence motion filed by a member of his party, on the doorsteps of the opposition.

In a speech to nationals on Tuesday night, August 28th, Thomas, insisted that the main opposition New National Party, led by former PM Keith Mitchell, instigated government backbencher Karl Hood, to file a second no confidence motion against his administration. The first motion brought by Opposition Leader Dr Keith Mitchell was only supported by one of the government backbenchers – Michael Church.

Thomas called the motion, filed late last week, “a blatant act of disobedience and dishonor” and one that “is highly unpatriotic, reckless, self-serving and disrespectful of the people of Grenada.”

Hood is a former minister of government, who Thomas said has publicly advised the Clerk of Parliament that he is prepared to sit on the opposition side of the House of Representatives. Hood is one of four government backbenchers — all former members of the cabinet who were either fired or resigned. If a majority of MPs vote in favor of the motion, it could force the collapse of Thomas’ divided government and force general elections, nine months before it is constitutionally due.

“Sadly, his first frolic is deliberately designed for the purpose of inducing anxiety and instability in our country,” said the PM, while warning: “God does not want us to revert to a culture of bad governance, social deficit and morally-challenged leadership. The source of our betterment is definitely not the NNP.”

PM Thomas became the island’s Prime Minister in July 2008 with a comfortable 11-4 majority. He has since apparently lost the support of the majority of elected officials, and has increasingly turned to appointed Senators to help him govern, according to