Guyana-Born, Con Edison Worker Killed

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 5, 2011: A Guyanese-born, Con Edison worker is dead after being killed on his way to work.

David Singh was bludgeoned in the head on the way to work late last month but was only taken off life support by his family on July 28th, News Americas has learnt.

It appears that the blow he sustained to the back of his head, dislodged his brain and he was left comatose. Surgery was performed and Singh appeared to be healing but after doctors operated again, this time to ease a swelling on the brain, Singh suffered a heart attack and his wife had to make the painful decision to turn off the life support.

The apparent motive of the attack was robbery as Singh reportedly often wore some Guyana gold jewelry.

Singh was employed at Con Edison from May 1988 until his death. He was also an Evangelical Pastor. Unfortunately for the family, Singh’s wake and burial has been postponed for about two weeks as the Medical Examiner’s office has yet to release his body pending a police investigation into his murder.

(Allison Skeete contributed to this story.)