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By NAN Sports Editor

cyclist-Scott Savory-guyana
Brooklyn-born Scott Savory, c., raises his hand in victory the 73rd Tour Of Sommerville, NJ on May 30th.

News Americas, SOMMERVILLE, NJ, Fri. June 3, 2016: A Guyana-born cyclist has emerged the winner of the Memorial Day “Crit Men Open Pro/Cat 1” USA Cycling’s Tour Of Sommerville 2016 competition.

The Brooklyn-based Scott Savory won the men’s Kugler-Anderson Memorial at the 73rd Tour Of Sommerville, NJ on May 30th.

Hamza Eastman, also of Guyana, was second.

“It’s very emotional,” Savory was quoted as saying after he got off the podium with his first-place medal. “Super-emotional just because there’s a huge Guyanese community out here which has been pushing me for years and wanting this win. And it’s emotional to deliver for them.”

Canada’s Ellen Watters captured the professional Mildred Kugler Women’s Open.

USA Cycling aims to make the United States of America the most successful country in the world of competitive cycling.


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