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The historic Graycliff Hotel is located in Nassau, Bahamas.

By Jason Gordon

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 News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 24, 2017: Caribbean hotels are some of the most luxurious in the world. Many of them feature state of the art technology and amazing interior designs and are truly a sight to behold. What makes many of these hotels even more special is the historical heritage behind them. Some of these hotels date back as far as the 16th century. Here are three top historic hotels in the Caribbean you should know:

Graycliff Hotel

graycliff-hotel-paradise-island-bahamasThe Graycliff Hotel is located in Nassau, Bahamas. The origins of the Graycliff Hotel can be traced back to 1740 and Captain John Howard Graysmith, a famous Caribbean pirate. The Graycliff was initially a church before it was destroyed by Spaniards. Captain Graysmith rebuilt the property, and the Graycliff became a place of lodging in 1844.

The hotel features over 20 guest chambers and cottage suites frequented by celebrities. All of the rooms and suites have an historical feel with the antiques, as well as amenities that showcase the culture of the Bahamas. All rooms are air conditioned with a private bath. Guests can choose from the deluxe room, luxury room, suite or Graycliff Suite.

The deluxe room includes a king bed, and you can overlook the veranda or Graycliff Gardens. Luxury rooms offer exciting views of the gardens and pool area. Guests can from a king bed or two doubles. The Graycliff Suite has a king bed with a large sitting and dining area, private balcony, and a spacious bathroom.

Hotel El Convento

Hotel El Convento is located in San Juan Puerto Rico.

Hotel El Convento is located in San Juan Puerto Rico. The hotel officially opened in 1962, but the origins of Hotel El Convento trace back to 1646 when construction on the land began under the watch of King Philip IV of Spain. The Hotel El Convento is known as a European style alternative to other hotels in the area. The Hotel El Convento has a number of special features to enhance your traveling experience including; pool and Jacuzzi access, a fitness center, and access to the El Convento Beach Club, which gives you beach privileges.

All rooms at the Hotel El Convento come with complimentary chilled beverages, as well as a pair of slippers and a bathrobe. The rooms feature handcrafted furniture, marble bathrooms, and Andalusian tile floors.

You can also get one of the best night sleeps of your life with their lavish beds and comfortable pillows that feel like they were made from the the hands of angels. Some of their popular rooms are the Garden Terrace, Double Vista, Gloria Vanderbilt Suite, and The Pablo Casals Suite. The Garden Terrace has beautiful Spanish furniture, and you will have access to sunlight through the private terrace.

The Double Vista has lower doors that lead to a Juliet balcony. You can view the San Juan Bay or Cathedral. The Gloria Vanderbilt Suite includes a Jacuzzi and a perfect view of the Plaza de Las Monjas. The Pablo Casals Suite has antique marble floors and beautiful decorations.

Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando

Hotel-Nicolas de Ovando-DR
The Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando is located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando is located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The hotel is named after Governor Nicolas de Ovando, who was the original resident of the property. The hotel is comprised of three houses with stone walls, courtyards, and hacienda shutters.

There are over 100 rooms available at the Hodelpa Nicolas de Ovando, as the ochre tile floors an exciting blend of historical and contemporary designs. Guests can choose from a contemporary room that lets you overlook the Don Diego and San Souci harbors.

Suites are also available, as they come with one queen size bed, a living room, bathtub and shower.

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