History Confirmed, Legacy Secured, Prayers Continue

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President Barack Obama hugs his campaign manager, Jim Messina, during an unannounced stop at his campaign headquarters in Chicago, Ill., Nov. 7, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
Commentary by Allison Skeete

News Americas, New York, NY, Fri. November 9, 2012: Four years ago, the audacity of hope propelled an internationally untested bi-racial senator from Chicago onto the biggest stage in America and cast a colored shadow at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.. A resounding vote ushered Barack Hussein Obama in as the first African American President of a nation steeped in the rhetoric of an unhappy history and social repression.

Four years later, the audacity of Karl Rove to demand FOX News retract their statement that declared the re-election of Barack Obama show once again that though many of the nation’s history cannot be erased, voters are willing to hope that this unlikely choice is once again their best in the nation.

With his re-election to the nation’s highest office for another four years, to this voter, President Obama has confirmed his place in national and international history and secured his legacy by achieving a long, long overdue healthcare plan lacking in this most advanced western nation.

The many obstacles attempted to sully this outcome by states like Florida, which reduced the number of early voting days or Pennsylvania which enacted the need for voters to have and provide new State Identification, failed to turn away many voters and helped garner the success of the incumbent who thanked the nation for their prayers and support on the evening of November 6, 2012.

Whoever won this election is not going to please everyone but it is time to move on and rebuild to the level of respect that has been lost to America in the eyes of many nations on the world stage.

Congratulations Mr. President!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Allison Skeete is a Guyana-born writer.