Home Remedies Of How To Get Rid Of Foot Cracks And Dead Skin

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 24, 2018: You would agree with us that foot cracks or dead skins are not appealing to look at. They prevent you from wearing scandals or any other form of open shoes. And even as there are hacks to winning real money online casinos games there are also tips to improve the appearance of your feet. Let’s get those cracks and dead skin of your feet by following the instruction below. Get ready, summer is here guys!


  • ¼ Listerine (Any Kind)
  • ¼ Vinegar
  • ½ Cup Warm Water (or Hot Water if you like)
  • Drying Towel
  • and bucket

How to Work the Magic

  1. Mix together the Listerine, vinegar and warm/hot water in a bucket or any container comfortable to place your feet in.
  2. Soak your feet for about 10 – 15 minutes in the bucket/container.
  3. After soaking your feet, dry your feet with a towel. The dead skin will apparently peel off.
  4. Keep repeating the method once or twice a week until the cracks on your feet are completely gone.

How to Get Rid of Hard-Dry Rough Skin on Your Feet

You still want to perfect the smoothness of your feet. Try using the Almond oil treatment. You can afford it even if you are not a real money pokies player. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in shoes feeling uncomfortable during summer. Here is how you can make your feet look so much better.

Almond has been a reliable tool for skin care for centuries. In case you do want not use Almond oil, you can make use of the olive oil but still use the same procedure.

Soak your feet into lukewarm/hot water for some time and let them soften up. Dry them and apply the Almond oil on your feet. Let the Almond oil soak completely. Repeat the procedure and keep in mind that it takes a couple of days until you start seeing changes. Almond oil helps moisturize and soften corns and callused areas. After a period of time, the corns and callused areas are brought back to life.

Make use of the cotton socks and Vaseline at night to soften your feet. Sock your feet, in the same way, the above-mentioned, almond oil treatment has been given to you. Dry feet with a towel, apply Petroleum Jelly such as Vaseline on your feet and wear cotton socks the whole night. The Vaseline will work its magic to soften your feet. Note that within a few days you should be able to see a difference.