MINUSTAH in Haiti. (UN Image)
News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 24, 2013: The UN Mission and United Nations agencies and programmes in Haiti says it is deeply concerned by the recent increase in homophobic violence in the country.

On Thursday, MINUSTAH called on key Haitian political, religious and community leaders to inspire respect for rights and encourage restraint from expressions of hatred and contempt amid an increase in homophobic violence.

“The UN urges all Haitians to continue working together towards the construction of a state based on the respect for the rule of law; respect for others, tolerance, individual dignity and human rights,” MINUSTAH said. “The UN appreciates the intervention of the national authorities to rescue victims of violence and urges increased efforts to prevent further incidents and to prosecute and hold accountable those responsible for the violence.”

The statement follows a weekend attack on the engagement party of a gay couple, with people reportedly throwing stones and setting cars on fires.

Article 19 of the Haitian Constitution stipulates the right “to life, health, and respect of the human person for all citizens without distinction, in conformity with the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights.”

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