News Americas, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fri. Mar. 8, 2013: Police in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo have a mystery of gift wrapped human skulls on their hands.
According to the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper, police in Sao Paulo, including investigator Paul Henry Bozon Verduraz, want to know who has been leaving gift-wrapped human skulls around town.

The first skull was found on Feb. 20th n a planter near a residential building downtown and wrapped in cherry-red gift paper.

Since Feb. seven others were found, including near Mormon temples or consulates, including those for Russia, the Czech Republic and South Africa. The skulls are said to be old, with traces of dirt and police think they may be part of some sort of rituals.

Verduraz told Folha de Sao Paulo that so far security cameras have captured images of a person who seems to be a woman wearing an ankle-length skirt leaving the skulls.

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