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Nicki Minaj’s Wax Figure at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas.

News Americas, LAS VEGAS, NV, Thurs. Aug. 20, 2015: The wax figure of Trinidad-born rapper Nicki Minaj is being heavily guarded after an inappropriate photograph surfaced of a fan simulating sex on the figure’s derriere.

The first ever wax work of the star sees her on all fours for the Anaconda themed pose at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas.

But the figure has attracted a lot of naughty attention from fans including the one below.

This naughty fan took it to another level. (Twitter image)

Now Madame Tussauds officials are weighing in.

“We have been made aware of the inappropriate photograph that was taken at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas, involving Nicki Minaj’s wax figure,” the company explained in a statement. “We are taking immediate steps to ensure more staff are present in this area and that the set around this particular figure is redesigned so that a picture like this cannot be taken again.”


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