Is Obama “Terrorizing” Us?

For Your Reading & Viewing ‘Pleasure’

For Your Reading & Viewing ‘Pleasure’
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Oct. 18, 2011: What do you get when you cross George Orwell’s “1984” and the movie “Wag The Dog?”

It seems the Obama Administration.

As proven most recently by the latest Iran scam. I don’t believe it. Why? Because it’s unbelievable. And one more BIG problem we should all have with Obama.

The list just keeps on growing.

Today’s topic is the alleged official Iranian plot and more … which of course the so called mainstream media even after getting burnt again and again by White House Lies, administration after administration didn’t hesitate for even one moment printing and broadcasting the Iranian terrorist plot scam.

The Wall Street Journal made it its top banner headline story in recent days, repeating what Obama and his clones told them word for word, as implausible as the story is.

The larger story hidden between the lines is this is about President Barack Obama and his administration not about George W. Bush and his henchman Dick Cheney. Obama is operating the FEAR factor just as “well” as Bush-Cheney. CHANGE master Barack Obama. Talk about Cons!

The only good news here is that most of the media with the exception of The New York Times and Christiane Amanpour on ABC have now realized they have been had and the Iranian plot has magically disappeared from their papers and broadcasts.

As usual, with the exception of The New York Times. NO wonder there are some who try to make the case you can’t readily distinguish The Times from the CIA?

Let’s go back to the Iranian “plot” because it is reflective of the same formula in various guises the government is using again and again to sow the FEAR factor across the land again and again.

Supposedly the highest level (or any level ) of Iranian officials decided to contract with a mentally unstable, failed small business
man with a history of weird behavior and wife abuse who never had any association with any pro-Iranian or anti-U.S. rhetoric to hire a Mexican drug cartel to travel to Washington, DC with explosives to bomb a restaurant with a Saudi diplomat in it for $1.5 million.

If you are not on the floor rolling in laughter yet you may have a serious problem. I’m not going to waste too much time on this. But
let’s see – the Iranian govt. was going to commit an act of WAR against the most powerful country and military on Earth – the ultimate dream of the Right Wing that they do so – so that they could kill dozens of innocent individuals for no purpose in a restaurant in Washington, DC as the “best” way to kill an insignificant Saudi diplomat. Where of all places – Washington, DC?

They were also going to do so by hiring a Mexican drug gang that most likely makes far, far more than $1.5 MILLION a day – certainly a week – in drug trafficking and if they carried out this “plot” insuring every member of their gang would be hunted down and killed after such a bombing. Yes in a different way refer to it as a suicide bombing (sic).

EXCEPT there was NO Mexican drug lord involved – (they aren’t stupid if nothing else). The person this Texan was in touch with was a U.S. paid informant facing serious charges himself who was going to have those charges dropped for working with U.S. agents, who according The White House itself told this Texas guy he was a Mexican drug dealer.

In fact there is no Mexican “drug dealer” involved.

So there is absolutely nothing but the destruction of both the Iranian govt. and this drug gang in return for blowing up a restaurant in Washington, DC. And again who did the Iranians pick as the lone individual to pull for this ridiculous scheme? Some nobody from Texas who if he is known for anything it is as bungler who can’t do anything right. One single misfit. Proving that the govt. has serious problems finding suckers.

But Obama says we have proof of a $100,000 “down payment” from an Iranian bank wired to a bank here him. Of course Obama, the Iranians are going to send a wire transfer over the banking system to pay for this scheme. And believe this is not going to instantly be flagged by the FBI and CIA even more so since we monitor everything the Iranians do. THEN The White House changed its stories – it was NOT an Iranian bank but it was from some “unknown” foreign bank The White House claimed was just as emphatically must have been Iranians. Really? How about Saudi, Israeli or American agents?

Of course, we then got the ultimate zany defense of this “plot” from The White House and from freelance terror “experts.” Yes the plan is so ridiculous, so absurd, so illogical that is why we believe it is true the Iranians would think the U.S. wouldn’t take it seriously. How is that for circular logic! The problem is this “plot” wasn’t hatched in Iran – it was in the U.S. terror “industry.” Is it going too far to call it part of the Obama re-election campaign?
Let’s move on …

Remember the 9/11 anniversary terror “plot” President Obama warned us of days before the 10th anniversary. Or more likely you have already forgotten. And as usual the media ate it up. NYC and the rest of the nation went on High Alert. Dangerous terrorists had entered the U.S. and they were going to bomb New York City or Washington, DC or both.

So rather than the story being how is it possible with the hundreds of billions the U.S. is now spending on counter-terrorism they did not uncover a major new terrorist plot on the 10th anniversary of all times but only got some vague signal two days before the terrorists were planning to attack? WHY? Because there was no terror attack planned. And if you need the ultimate proof the moment September 11, 2011, was over you could not find a word about this “plot” any more anywhere in the media and The White House had completely dropped the story. So we have a terrorist group roaming the U.S. with deadly weapons of mass destruction but it appears neither the govt. or the media cares any more?? How plausible is that? Answer. It isn’t.

That is just as strange in its own way as the Iranian “plot.” Then there was the other recent terrorist plot announced by the Justice Dept. Some guy in Boston was going to attach explosives to a model airplane and fly it over Washington and destroy both the Capitol and the Pentagon. They couldn’t even get the major media to take that on seriously. Most of it anyway. Turns out of course this “terrorist” had no technical proficiency at all to pull off such a stunt even if you took the ridiculous idea seriously. But of course the FBI agents leading him along for months did.

Back in the Bush–Cheney days after 9/11 – what you could count on like clock work was that days before Christmas each year Americans would be alerted that a new terrorist plot had been detected. Apparently Cheney decided associating Christmas with terror made their announcements scarier and Americans would thank God Bush-Cheney we all then had a safe Christmas.

Wait a second, you say what about the underwear bomber who was going to blow up an airline on Christmas Day? He just pleaded guilty. The real point is this wacko had two small chemical vials attached to his underwear not a powerful bomb which he never could have gotten on that plane. And he did what he was going to do he mixed the two chemical test tubes. What happened. It produced some minor burns on him not a powerful explosion.

Certainly there never was any chance these vials could have brought down this large commercial airliner. But in many ways this guy is the “poster boy” for the multibillion dollar terror industry in the U.S. “Proof” of how scared we should all be.

Obama has not used the Christmas ploy yet but if there ever was a Christmas for Obama to do so this is it the last before the next election in November 2012. Stay tuned. I warned you!

In fact, there is a very common pattern to many of these “terror plots.” U.S. agents find some unstable dissatisfied individual who they can conceivably one way or another connect to Muslim terrorism. The a collection of undercover FBI agents and one or more slimy informants who get their own charges dropped in return – they construct a fantasy terror scenario, often show up with large amounts of money, explosives, anything and everything
to prove to the wacko supposedly at the center of the “plot” that this is real and that they should proceed with this act of violence.
Of course there never is any chance of any such terrorist act taking place. Rather than arresting this guy early on, they string this phony “plot” along for months even years spending millions of dollars and taking U.S. agents away from REAL criminal work.

What we have after 9/11 even far more than existed before 9/11 is the terror INDUSTRY a collection of U.S. law enforcement. FBI, CIA, military, etc. etc and lots of private sector terror “experts” all with a vested interest call it billions of dollars in keeping us all scared even if what is required are phony terror plots.

Are there terrorists out there? Absolutely. But what this terror “industry” is doing is wasting huge resources and undermining their credibility with these fictional plots like the Iranian bombing.

We might have expected that President Obama would have set a very different standard and would have discouraged this nonsense. Wrong. He has exactly continued the Bush-Cheney fear campaign. Time to read “1984” (again) and watch “Wag The Dog” (again).

Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.