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Senator Bill Larkin with the Jamaican bobsled team on a visit to Albany recently. (Photo:

News Americas, ALBANY, NY, Mon. May 18, 2015: If two New York State legislators get their way, then New Yorkers could soon show off with a Jamaica Olympic Bobsled Vanity Plate.

A bill to create special New York license plates to honor the Jamaican Olympic bobsled team has been introduced by New York State Senator William J. Larkin, Jr., of NYS’ 39th district.

It has been co-sponsored in the Assembly by Jamaican-born Assemblyman Nick Perry of Brooklyn.

The bill would allow drivers to purchase the plates for $25 in addition to normal registration costs, and the proceeds would help the Caribbean team return to the next Winter Olympics.

After the state has collected $6,000 in processing fees, all money collected would go to support the Jamaican team, which qualified to compete in the Sochi Olympics.

The team through an online petition and news stories managed to raise more than $184,000 for the Sochi trip.

Perry worked with state Larkin to get the bobsled bill introduced via the Transportation Committee.

The bill will have to pass both houses and be signed into law before it becomes a reality.

Both lawmakers districts have a high percentage of Jamaican residents and voters.


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