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Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness. (JIS Image)

By NAN Staff Writer

 News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Sept. 15, 2016: Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness is set to meet with nationals in the New York Diaspora at a public meeting next week, News Americas  has learned.

The PM’s visit comes as many Jamaicans in the Diaspora question why seven months after taking office, there is still no confirmed consul general named to New York.

Jamaican Aubrey Campbell, writing his daily commentary for IMC Media Group Inc.’s daily newsletter on Tuesday stated: “Seven long months have elapsed and still not an iota about the new tenant at 767 Third Avenue (2/3 Floors), Manhattan. What is going on? Has the glitz and glamour suddenly faded to black on what used to be the plum of diplomatic offerings, not so long ago. New York, the unofficial sixty-fourth constituency, needs good representation, the kind that’s lacking since 2009! Andrew must be prepared to give a short list of the candidates or name the new CG.”

 He also urged Acting Consul General Derron McCreath, to “tell the PM of the level of frustration that Jamaicans encounter in their attempts to do business or get help from the Consulate, that the staff there needs training in basic customer service.”

There is no denying the PM will get an earful from his nationals in the Diaspora.

The town hall style meeting is set for the Jamaica Performing Arts Center in downtown Jamaica Queens on September 22, 2016 from 6.30 p.m. Accompanying the PM will be Senator Kamina Johnson Smith.

A release received by NAN said PM Holness is encouraging the forum to give Diaspora nationals a chance to participate in the “nation building” of their country since he views the Jamaican Diaspora as a vital part of national success.

Questions fron the public can be submitted by September 16, 2016 to the CG’s office in NYC via **@co***********.org.



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