Jamaican Goes From “I Do” To “I Don’t” After Arriving In Scotland

News Americas, LONDON, England, Weds. July 20, 2011: A 24-year-old Jamaican woman went from “I Do” to “I Don’t” within minutes of getting into the home of her Scottish husband.

Patrice Chambers, according to the Daily Mail, dumped Johnny Gannon, her 57-year-old charity worker husband, within 20 minutes of walking into his flat in Perth, Scotland.

Gannon said he spent £5,000 to bring his new bride to Scotland and now is broken hearted. He claims as soon as his wife arrived in Perth, she sent him out to buy pot noodles but as he returned she grabbed her bags and told him she was leaving. She then s flagged down a car and caught a train and was gone.
Gannon married Chambers in Jamaica earlier this year and said he believes his new wife fled to Bristol to meet a Jamaican boyfriend with whom she had organized the scheme.

“I was looking forward to spending the rest of my life with Patrice but I think she had planned all along to do this,” he told the Daily Mirror. “My relationship with her wasn’t something I’d done by mail order. I’ve known her for two years and it seemed very much like the real thing to me. She has used me and I feel humiliated. I had a vision of happiness laid out. I feel like a bit of a fool.”

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