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L-R: Sophia Bernard-Fairman (Group Brand Manager, J.Wray&Nephew), Josef Bogdanovich (CEO, Downsound Records), Isaiah Laing (CEO, Supreme Promotions Ltd), Kiprich (Dancehall/Reggae Artist), Howard "Big Mac" McIntosh and Junior "Heavy D" Fraser (Supreme Promotions directors) hold a press conference at the Griffin nightclub in New York City to announce plans for the 30th Anniversary Celebration of Sting in Jamaica, on December 26, 2013. (Roland Hyde Photo)
By Roland Hyde

News Americas, New York, NY, Fri. Nov. 22, 2013: Jamaica’s famous one night reggae and dancehall show has reached a milestone, producers announced this week in the Big Apple.

STING turns 30, according to DownSound Records CEO Josef Bogdonovich and Supreme Promotions CEO and Founder of “STING,” Isaiah Laing.

Organizers held a stellar red carpet party and press conference at the Griffin nightclub in New York City to announce the anniversary celebration of “STING” Live on Pay-Per-View and Internet streaming across the globe by offering the STING 30th.

For the first time in its 30 year history, Sting will reach fans on a global scale by LIVE-streaming across 8 different countries, officials said.
This opportunity will allow an international audience that includes Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Jamaica, and other regions of the Caribbean to experience a live event filled with culture and authentic entertainment, they added.

Kiki Haynes, star of Tyler Perry's "For Better Or For Worse" giving a brief history of Sting at the New York press conference to launch the 30th Anniversary of Sting.
Sting organizers say its Live Reggae & Dancehall entertainment platform will have the tools to expand access, improve viewing experience and deliver reggae’s most exciting artists, driving greater attendance and more value to fans of Reggae music.

Hosted by Supreme Promotions & DownSound Records, this year’s headliners will include Hip-Hop artist 2Chains and the legendary Super Cat. Sting will also showcase artists Romain Virgo, Elephant Man, Mavado, Lady Saw, Ninjaman, Sizzla, Beenie Man, Tommy Lee Sparta and Nature among others.


Josef Bogdanovich, CEO of Downsound Records, Isaiah Laing, Sting Founder and CEO of Supreme Promotions Ltd., and Junior "Heavy D" Fraser of the Supreme Team, announcing the 30th Anniversary concert to be held in Jamaica on December 26, 2913.
“Bring the Sting” will take place in Portmore, Jamaica, and will be beamed live on PPV on cable and satellite in North America. The event will be in High Definition and will be distributed live on Pay Per View by MultiVision Media, Inc. on Saturday, December 26 at 12 midnight ET/9:00 PM PT. The suggested retail price of the four-hour broadcast will be $29.95.

The event will also be streamed live on the internet across the globe for the entire 8 hours of the concert. The price for the eight-hour streaming internet broadcast is $39.95 (early bird pricing $34.95).

Radio Personality Kay Foxx of 1035 The Beat Miami (l) and Melky Jean, the Grammy-Nominated artiste with the hit song "Better" (CARE for Haiti) at Sting press conference at Griffin club in Manhattan, New York.
For the past 30 years “STING” has broadcast the pulse of Jamaica while linking corporate Jamaica and the U.S. for music. Over the past three decades STING has featured many notable artists, such as Biggie Small, DMX, Kris Kross, Busta Rhymes, Foxy Brown, and Fat Boyz.

Kiki Haynes, star of Tyler Perry’s “For Better Or For Worse” gave a brief history of Sting while Sting’s Founder, Isiah Laing, used the opportunity to announce the upcoming launch of his autobiography entitled “Point Blank Range” which is inspired by his career as a notorious “Bad Bwoy Police.”

Kiprich, who won the Sting clash (battle) last year promised to “Bring The Sting” with more fire and invited everyone worldwide to catch the action on Pay-Per-View or come to Jamaica for the concert.

Sting has earned the endorsement of the Jamaica Tourist Board. Speaking at the event, their representatives, Marcia Sinclair and Ruth West, expressed national pride and excitement for the quality and magnitude of the Sting production and marketing to the world. Sting also welcomed first time sponsor, Magnum by J.Wray & Nephew, represented by Sophia Bernard-Fairman who advised fans to “Make sure you drink up nuff Magnum at Sting.”

The launch party was hosted by singer Melky Jean, sister to Wyclef Jean, and co-hosted by Howard “Big Mac” McIntosh and Junior “Heavy D” Fraser, team mates from Supreme Promotions. Other celebrities in the house are Dan Rush (CEO, All Oceans Interactive Media), Beniton the Menace, Empire Isis, Actress Felicia Parson a/k/a Snoop from The Wire, Bobby Konders and Jabba, Bobby Clarke and fiancee Syn Dawkins, Louis Grant (Irie Jam), DJ Fuji Slim, Rob Kenner (, Diva NikkiZ, Kay Foxx (1035 The Beat Miami), Diva Madonna (, Marie “Driven” Theodore (Managing Director, Play Book Media Group, Publicist for Sting Launch), Supermodel Rocky Hes, Gemma Feare (Miss Jamaica UK), Dexter Blake (Producer, Linkage Awards), Pat Meschino (Journalist, Billboard Magazine), Patrick Maitland (Publisher, Street Hype newspaper), Shawn Walsh & WhatsUpTV crew, Nigel Reynolds (Producer, Dancehall Connections/Dancehall 360 Degrees, Lady Merms (Guest TV Host), and Author Garmen K. Colon. Fans were also entertained by sizzling hot bikini-clad models and dancers wearing knitted swimwear by Stacey Angela.

On the subject of event security, the promoters issued this statement: “Security, an important aspect of STING, is always emphasized to guarantee a safe and comfortable environment in which to enjoy good music, and most importantly, great performances. Supreme has it locked. Our head of security is former police detective Frania Smith.”

The ex-cop is a private investigator and a director of Remington Security Ltd. Our extensive security team this year is an amalgamation private security and police. In 29 years of staging, Sting has brought over a million patrons into venues and put over 500 artistes on stage in a safe environment. Sting 2013 security has been intensified as we do everything to ensure the safety and comfort of the patrons. There will be constant patrolling of the routes to the venue, the Dyke Road in particular, to ensure safe passage, organizers added.

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