Jimmy Carter To Observer Guyana Elections

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter

News Americas, GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Mon. April 20, 2015: Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and officials from The Carter Center are set to be in Guyana as observers for the May 11 elections.

The Carter Center in a statement said the organization is observing the elections at the invitation of the government of Guyana.

President Carter will be part of the team assessing the voting, counting, and tabulation processes, the Center said.

“I look forward to leading our delegation to observe Guyana’s elections on May 11,” President Carter stated. “The Carter Center has a long history in Guyana and great respect for the Guyanese people. These will be the fourth elections we have observed there since 1992, and we trust they will be peaceful and inspire hope for the future.”

With the Guyana mission, The Carter Center reaches an important milestone: its 100th election observation. The first took place in Panama in 1989 during a hotly contested race that the Center declared fraudulent.

Since then, the Center has observed elections in 38 countries.

Guyana’s ruling People’s Progressive Party government is facing a tough challenge from the coalesced opposition parties, the APNU (A Partnership for National Unity) and the AFC (Alliance for Change.)