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News Americas, KINGSTON, Jamaica, Tues. Feb. 27, 2024: Following their GRAMMY win for Best Reggae Album, the celebrated Julian Marley and acclaimed producer and co-writer Antaeus have debuted an electrifying music video for their latest single “Made For Your Love,” released under Monom Records. Julian Marley & Alexx Antaeus commemorated their GRAMMY victory in Jamaica on February 22, 2024.

The track, enriched with Dancehall elements, shines on the GRAMMY-awarded album, Colors of Royal. IceyJace, a visionary director, masterfully brings the song to life through the music video, highlighting its spirited essence with striking visuals and dynamic rhythms set against the picturesque Miami Beach, Florida.

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The single combines a seductive rhythm guitar with a dancehall beat, weaving together romantic lyrics that depict a deep sense of closeness and affinity. Phrases such as “Your love was made for my love, your feel was made for my touch” eloquently capture the intense bond and mutual attraction between lovers, making this song a rapidly popular track from the album.

” ‘Made For Your Love’ and the entire album celebrate the spirit of artistic liberty and innovation. We aimed to honor reggae’s roots while also broadening its horizons, and ‘Colors of Royal’ represents this fusion. It’s an exploration of sound and hue,” said Julian Marley.

Julian Marley & Alexx Antaeus celebrating their GRAMMY win in Jamaica on February 22, 2024. (Contributed image)

“This endeavor showcases Julian’s vast talent and introduces him to new musical landscapes, blending Reggae, Dancehall, Reggaeton, and Afrobeats. This approach has not only been rewarding but has also led to a Grammy acknowledgment,” commented Antaeus.

Hailing from London, England, Julian “JuJu” Marley, son of reggae icon Bob Marley and Lucy Pounder, has embraced his rich musical heritage from a young age. As a GRAMMY-winning artist, Julian has developed into a multifaceted musician, proficient across several instruments and a dedicated humanitarian.

Grammy winner Alexx Antaeus, a distinguished music producer and record label executive with a solid background in music business, splits his time between New York, NY, and Kingston, Jamaica. His prolific career includes collaborations with iconic acts and a series of successful albums that blend diverse musical styles, earning him a respected place in the music industry.

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