Top 5 Latin American Startups

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. April 21, 2021: Several Latin American startups are meeting the needs of the masses. Some are providing Fintech solutions, master thesis writing services among others. Here are the Top 5 thriving Latin American startups you should know:

  • Addi

Addi was founded in 2018 and has been thriving since then. It is a platform that allows you to buy with credit easily. Addi requires your ID and WhatsApp to purchase online with a credit.

The number of retailers on the platform is growing by the day. This company is projected to grow at a fast rate giving the way users are appreciating the platform. They have their offices in Columbia, Bogota, and São Paulo.

The company’s funding is impressive with the rounds they have delivered so far. They have raised a total funding of $31.3MM to their credit.

  • Habi

Habi is the solution to home selling difficulties. It was founded in 2019 and has turned things around for Latin Americans.

Selling a home is a difficult process for most people. Sometimes, a house can sit around for months, spending time in adverts. Some homes can even take up to 14 months to sell in Columbia.

Habi came on board to solve these problems. It was founded by Sebastian Noguero and Brynne Rojas. They created a pricing algorithm from a database of real estate prices. This made the process of buying and selling a house cheaper.

They are located in Medellin and Bogota. They have raised funding up to $15.5MM.

  • Klar

Klar is a Mexican Fintech startup. It was founded by Stefan Moller in 2019. The company is new to the banking scene but it is already doing exploits.

Klar has generated $72.5MM so far. Although a huge part of that amount is debt financing, it does not rule out its potential to raise more in less time than expected.

The potential for Klar to thrive in the market is high. Stefan Moller’s experience in banking comes to play in his company. Klar has a bright future.

  • Vittude

Vittude is an online therapy established in 2016 and has since been growing steadily. It is one of the startups with a bright future. This online therapy platform provides a variety of psychological services to people in Brazil and beyond.

They harness various therapeutic methods in handling psychological issues. Vittude is one of the greatest mental healthcare centers around.

Statistics from the WHO reveals that Brazil has a high population of people with mental stress. Having mental health startups step in to solve real-life problems is essential and timely.

Vittide has its office in São Paulo and boasts of funding of R$5.1M.

  • Cobil

Cobil is an IoT and fleet management company established in Brazil in 2015. This startup is reputed for providing top-notch services to users.

This fleet management company is technologically alert. It shares telemetric data like cargo temperature, maintenance updates, location, and lots more.

They are specialized in fleet management and coordination. They have raised funds up to $17MM.

Some startups are revolutionizing the world and are worth mentioning. These are just a few of the Latin American startups changing the world. We look forward to a brighter future with them.