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Mexico, the most obese country in the world
Mexico isthe most obese country in the world.

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Brazil is known for its beaches, namesake waxing technique, and riotous festivals but the country’s beauty obsession is also an economic boon as Brazil’s beauty industry is poised to overtake Japan as the second largest in the world within the next few years. Brazil also happens to spend the most on perfume than any other country in the world.


While Brazil prides itself in having raised some of the finest football players in the world, Argentina takes their passion for the sport to a whole new, almost spiritual level. Argentines have compared Pope Francis as “the Maradona of priests.” Pope Francis himself has tried to harness the power of football to promote world peace. In third place is Book content.


Venezuela takes to a different sport – tennis – as the top category followed by Fashion. Venezuela dons more tiaras than any other nation across all the major beauty industry contests – Miss International, Miss World, Miss Earth, and if that’s not enough, Miss Universe. The country’s unparalleled success on the pageant stage, however, has failed to translate economically. To cope with the hardships of having the world’s highest inflation rates, Venezuelans resort to comedy, making it the third most popular content category.

Puerto Rico

Speaking of sports in Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans prefer the club to the racquet, with golf being the top sport there. As Puerto Rico is home to an ageing population of 15% aged 65 and over, it comes as no surprise then that retirement and nutrition content come in second and third, respectively.


Weight loss tops the content scale for Mexico, the most obese country in the world. News on crime and international affairs come in after. With the homicide rates soaring after the start of the Drug Wars in 2008, Mexico has been grappling with gaining control over the situation as it’s spilled across boarders.

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